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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 29, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> we did. >> tucker: you did? and what happened? >> unfortunately there wasn't enough d.n.a. >> tucker: we are out of time. howie carr, thank you sean hannity right now. >> sean: thanks, tucker. a major morning news shakeup at nbc. long-time anchor matt laura is abruptly fired over a allegation of sexual misconduct. "times" out with multiple reports where multiple women o are accusing lauer of misconduct. former npr radio host garrison keillor, prairie home companion and his relationship with minnesota public radio is now terminated for accusations of inappropriate behavior. these are just the latest misconduct claims that are rocking the liberal media and the political establishment. and also tonight, a brand new scandal swirling around one of the most prominent democrats inca congress and the president
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today delivers a powerful message on the need for massive tax cuts and reform to boost the economy while have you arrogant, lazy, obstructionist democratsts chuck schumer, nancy pelosi doing everything they can do to stop this from happening. this all comes as senate republicans are now finally moving towards a vote on this tax bill. and the best cry baby story of all time. we will tell you about cnn and white house. that's coming up. also tonight i have a very personal decision to make and i will need your help. that's coming up at the end of the broadcast. y we hope you will stick around. first tonight's important breaking news opening monologue. ♪ all right long time today show host matt lauer has been fired over what the network says is alleged sexual misbehavior according to nbc. the sexual conduct allegation was made against lauer.
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is involved accusations during the 2014 olympics that we continue in the office. tonight, page six of "the new york post" is reporting that nbc staffers including a young intern are now accusing him of texting them lewd pictures and graphic messages. a source told "the new york post" that one of the photos is so damning that nbc was forced to act immediately. and if that's not shocking enough, variety is out with a bombshell report tonight where multiple women are accusing lauer of sexual harassment. we have to warn you the details are very disturbing. according to variety lauer gave female worker a sex toy as a present and included a very graphic note about how he wanted to use it on her. it gets worse. a different female employee told variety that lauer called her into his office. when the employee refused the advances he yelled at her. he would play games where he would tell colleagues which
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today show co-host he would like to sleep with. by the way it's not all it gets worse two. women accusing lauer told variety he had a secluded office that included a button under the desk that used to lock the door that gave him privacy to pursue these women. finally according to variety. several women told nbc management about what was going on with lauer but they never did anything to stop it daily beast is reporting that nbc said current management was never made aware of any harassment allegations. also the "new york times" reporting tonight that nbc is receiving two new complaints against matt lauer. a former female nbc employee told the "new york times" that in 2001 matt lauer called her into his office and then allegedly had sex with her. and according to the times, the woman says she felt helpless about what happened and didn't want to speak out for fear of losing her job. now, we did reach out to matt lauer's agent for a comment earlier today. we have not heard back.
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and also tonight, it's the christmas tree lighting ind new york city. it happened an hour ago. and according to page 6, "new york post," nbc tried to edit lauer out of its coverage. while these allegations against matt lauer may be shocking to you watching at home, of course, according to reports lauer's behavior was open secret. disturbing video that has now surfaced tmz obtained aa video from 2006 where lauer appears to be making a lewd comment to one of his female co-hosts. take a look at it. >> these are just -- i will meet you outside. >> yeah. >> bye. >> bye-bye. keep like that that's a nice view. >> sean: 2012. katie couric told bravo this about matt lauer. let's look at this. >> you co-hosted "the today show" with matt lauer for 15 years. what is matt's most annoying
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habit? >> he pinches me on the ass a lot? >> wow. >> sean: during the same show willie geist slapped matt lauer's behind and lauer pretended to be a victim of sexual harassment. watch this. >> caught on tape. surveillance cameras aren rolling as willie's hand swat.n for the did you see it? here it is again from another angle. the owner of that darier breaking his silence. o >> i was standing by the doorway in the vestibule and willie came out and said hi, willie, how are you? i thought that would be the end of it. and then he just reached out and, you know. >> yes, we do. watch what happens next. matt slaps back. is there more to this story?
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>> some would look at this and say you did something to provoke this. >> it's impossible. i didn't do anything differently.>> i wasn't wearing a different cologne. this was uninitiated. i'm upset for a couple of reasons one, that he denied it. why deny it? if you do it, own up to it. >> we should go to dustin hoffman and ask his opinion of this. i think he can shed some light.hi >> inappropriate, inappropriate? >> should i answer? >> yes. >> i'm a little confused. did willie swat him with his willy? >> sean: not funny creepy given the allegations against matt lauer. not the only one fired over sexual harassment allegations. radio talk show host keeler prairie home companion is also facing sexual misconduct allegations tonight. keillor was fired by minnesota public radio after two staffers made accusations against him and he responded by one of the
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allegations by telling the minneapolis star tribune, quote, i put my hand on a woman's bare back. i meant to pat her back after she told me about her unhappiness and her shirt was open and my hand went up a it about six inches. she recoiled. i apologized. i sent email of apology later. she said she had forgiven me and not to think about it we were friends. we continued to be friendly right up until her lawyer called. finally tonight, the detroit news is reporting thatr several members of the congressional black caucus are now urging democratic congressman john conyers to resign following sexual misconduct allegations from three women. conyers' lawyer refute ago report that the congressman will not seek re-election. the attorney told fox news congressman in this case conyers will continue to serve as in the mind set to fight all these allegations. now, we will have more on that bombshell and more about matt lauer's firing in just a moment. in other news tonight
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though, first, our other top story as the president is pressing hard for his massive reaganesque tax cut and tax reform. the president took his message directly to you, thehe american people, earlier today in an event in missouri. in case you didn't get to watch it here are. so highlights. >> not enough for the middle class to keep getting by. we want them to start>> getting way ahead. we're going to cut taxes on american businesses so they will compete for workers. they will raise salaries. business is going to be happy and workers are going to be happy and the country is going to be a happypp place. we're also going to eliminate tax breaks and complex loopholes taken advantage of by the wealthy. who are they? i don't know. [laughter] i think my accountants are going crazy right now. it's all right. hey, i'm president. i don't as hillary said what difference does it make? it made a difference. [cheers and applause]
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it made a big difference. these massive tax cuts will be rocket fuel. [laughter] little rocket man. rocket fuel for the american economy.oc the tax cut will mean more companies moving to america staying in america and hiring american workers right here. so that's so important. right? this week hopefully theo senate can join the house and take that strong stand for middle class families and for business and for jobs and for competition and for bringing money back. together, we will give the american people a big, beautiful christmas present. >> sean: what the president is doing is simple he is following the model of john f. kennedy and president ronald reagan. h kennedy cut taxes, the economy soared. more revenue into the federal government. they love that they love to spend. ronald reagan took up the
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idea and took it even further. remember, he slashed the top marginal rate from 70% to 28%. guess what happened? 21 million new jobs created after the recessions of the early g.d.p. growth peeked at 7.3% 1984. can you imagine that? revenues to the government doubled. peace time in history up to that point. this is not rocket science when taxpayers keep more of their hard-earned money, your money, the economy grows, jobs are created. the forgotten men and women get helped out. the president is nowor building on the ideas of kennedy and reagan. he wants to cut taxes across the board. he also wants a dramatic corporate tax cut so we are competitive again.e right now american corporations, they face the highest marginal rate among modern economies in the world. president trump wants toes chop it almost in half to 20% and also let multinational corporations
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repatriate trillions of dollars they hold overseas they can now bring back atdo low rate to invest in factories and manufacturing centers and give american workers a much-needed raise. the president's tax cut plan is all about the forgotten men and women. what this election was about. we have already seenn record-setting economic response just to the trump presidency. look at the stock market, another record today. third quarter g.d.p. today was revised upward from 3 to 3.3%. by the way, barack obama never had a single year in his presidency of 3% g.d.p. growth. not one. not one of his 8 years. and in october, just 261,000 jobs were created alone, this past month. unemployment is now at aat 17-year low. consumer confidence a 17-year high. medium existing prices all home types of october 2017 up 8.7% from january of 2017.
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massive tax cuts only going to make it better, creating jobs, manufacturing centers and of course factories for people that need these jobs. getting them off of food stamps and back in the workplace and out of poverty. that's what the president was talking about today. that's what republicans in the house tried to pass. democrats, they want nothingng to do with jump starting this economy. they are doing everything possible to stop by the way, don't they care at all about helping the millions of forgotten men and women in this country? by the way, the kill the bill democrats are deploying the same tired old tactics, class warfare, trying to divide the country. liberals would rather the economy tank even further because that helps them politically? playing politics? what about the people of this country? we should put them first. here's a perfect example from the media. the "new york times," my favorite paper, they take the best pictures of me,y they are now using the power of their newspaper, why? to crush the tax bill.
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look at the tweet thisis morning from the "new york times" editorial board,, tweeting out there to people to urge the senate to reject the tax bill that is literally, they're saying, hurts the middle class and the nation's fiscal health. excuse me, the tax bill, the tax policies of obama that they supported 8 years were a disaster. 13 million more americans on food stamps. 8 million more on poverty. that's how the so-called paper of record really feels about the men and women in this country, since the "new york times" is issuing what f amounts to a call for action to kill this one billss that will help economic growth? well, we want to issue you our own challenge directly to you, the american people. lower taxes, tax reform, that's what the president ran on. it's part of the agenda somede of you deplorables like me voted for. if you want lower taxes, you want money in the bank, you want higher wages, you want jobs created. you want people outig of poverty and off of foodd stamps, now is the time to call your senators.
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it's up to republicans to finally get their job done in the u.s. senate and keep at least one big promise. and earlier today the senate g.o.p., thankfully, well they voted to begin debate on this tax bill. a huge moment, a huge opportunity. republicans hopefully will now begin the process of keeping their word. it's time to put up, shut up. and wishy washy never trumpers establishment republicans, if they fail to deliver on this simple principle in this tax bill, they should all resign and get out of the way. because they have been complete and total failures up to this point. betraying you, the american people. all right, now back to our top story matt lauer fired nbc news. here with reaction florida attorney general pam bondi from the hollywood reporter we have marissa guthrie and trial attorney rebecca rose woodland. thanks to all of you. i don't even know where to begin. it's like more coming out by the minute about what has really been going on at nbc. all of it is despicable.
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>> it's horrific. i have to ask what did nbc management know here? a matt lauer allegedly had a button under his desk? someone had to install this button that would lock the door from his desk. >> sean: i don't think he did it himself. >> these are the big questions. if he was acting alone, how could he have done this with a button under his desk asking people to come to his hotel rooms to bring pillows. someone had to know. these women claim that they reported it, not to current management, but to previous management and nothing happened. >> sean: abuse not misconduct. >> abuse. if you are locked in a room, sean, that amounts to much more than an interaction. that amounts to enclosed in a space that could seem like force. >> sean: okay. these things are not consensual. this is where, you know, we
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are now and also the position of power issue that keeps coming up again and again. now, we haven't really heard from matt lauer today he doesn't seem to be denying anything or saying anything. what do we glean interest that. >> well i think matt, he now has some independent publicists working with him and they were waiting for these other reports and other accusations before they said anything. i expect they will release some sort of statement. but, yes, the entitlement of matt lauer, charlie rose,t, harvey weinstein and the fact that what awful these have in common is the behavior was an open secret. an open secret. and nobody did anything about it. >> sean: let me go to pam because i think there are also legal issues that come in here. what do you -- as you read all of this, legally speaking, do you see anyal
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potential trouble for him? i'm not talking about civilly. >> well, certainly, depending on what rebecca just laid out whether the door was locked. exactly what these women say. but, sean, i think there also be a lot of liabilityty on the part of andy lack. he is going to have to have a lot of explaining to do. as a prosecutor, sean, i always look at a time line. look at the time line here. variety and the "new york times" have been investigating this, they said, for two months. that takes us back to september. then on november 8th, nbc announces mysteriously that matt lauer is no longer going to the olympics it's going to be megyn kelly and congratulations to her for that. then on november 27th, two days ago andy lack says that's the first time that they have heard about these allegations against matt lauer? so i think andy lack is going to have a lot of answers that he is going to have to be responding to his superiors and let me make
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myself clear these women are heroes for coming forward. >> sean: i'm trying to understand because one person comes out and then there is always this avalanche. >> sure. >> sean: which tells me so many -- there is a pattern of behavior in all of this. >> one woman. >> sean: the attorney general obviously of florida. is that common? >> very common. >> one then five then ten? >> very common. i'm sorry there is a bit ofhe a delayhe tonight. very common, sean. in fact, that's what we see. it takes one woman to come forward. that's why the me too movement is so important. w if a woman comes forward in florida against some loser in tallahassee i will stand beside her. i think all women will for anyone comes out in this country. whether it's an icon in hollywood or someone huge in the media industry. one woman comes forward that's all it takes. and then other women say we can't be scared anymore. we can come forward as well.
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>> sean: do you also always have to have the presumption of innocence? >> of course you do. that's why the women have to come forward. i have always said that. that's why these brave women are coming forward. now, as rebecca described, if they truly are -- could have been the victim and we don't know any of that yet, of a rape, of a sexual assault. if that's true then their identity will be protected. they deserve to be protected as victims of a sexual assault, if that is the case. we do not know that yet. and, of course, anyone is innocent until proven guilty y but you can't take it further unless women continue to come forward. so very important. >> i agree with pamta wholeheartedly. she is a great prosecutor in florida. we need someone like that here in new york. we already have a task force around harvey weinstein in new york, in california possibly. this task force will increase its scope for matt lauer, for whomever else at
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nbc may happen upon. there may be more here. you know, his booker was fired. mr. zimmerman was fired already for inappropriate sexual conduct. this was someone who wasal with matt lauer throughout the course of his time at nbc. i find that questionable. i find that odd that he was q fired. now matt lauer has been let go apparently. only as a result of something nbc found out on monday. i agree with pam bondi that that sounds questionable as well. >> well, ann curry described "the today show" as a boys network when she was ousted and i think we're seeing evidence of that in these reports for sure. >> sean: you would say? >> sean, savanna guthrie, one of the nicest people i know. she got blind sided this morning because she believed in matt lauer. i'm sure she does. it's her friend. she had to read thatat statement on the air this morning. i felt for her. i felt for hoda as well as
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all the other women at nbc.. the women have to come forward and i think other women will stand beside them. >> sean: thank you all for being with us.av when we come back, we have so much more coming up tonight, juanita broderick, kathleen willey will join us next to talk about their attempt to confront senator groper himself. we have the exclusive video. al franken at his office and then later the biggest cry baby story of all time it has to do with cnn and it has to do with the white house. sean spicer is here tonight. and also key democrat james clyburn reportedly making shocking comments about john conyers' accusers. we will get to all of that ed henry has a full report. i need your help later in the show. i'll explain. ♪ now it's time to plan next year's adventures get a head start on their wishlist
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♪ >> sean: back to hannity. earlier today congresswoman nancy pelosi took to the house floor in support of a bill for mandatory sexual harassment training for members of congress and their staff. take a look. >> here we are at this watershed moment in the nationwide fight against sexual harassmenten and discrimination. brave women in every corner of the country and every industry are making their voices heard. as members of congress, we have a moral duty it show real effective leadership to foster a climate of respect and dignity in the workplace with absolutely zero tolerance for harassment, discrimination, or abuse anything less is unacceptable, my colleagues. >> sean: really the same woman who back in 1998 defended then president bill clinton during his impeachment hearing. watch this. >> why the silence when there have been these allegations, serious ones
10:26 pm
about president clinton? >> well, i would like to say that i think that the women in america are speaking out about what they think about this whole situation and the women of america are just like other americans in that they value fairness. they value privacy, and do not want to see a person with uncontrolled power, uncontrolled time, uncontrolled -- unlimited money investigating the president of the united states. >> sean: here with reaction former secret service agent dan bongino civil rights attorney darryl parks and still with us floridaa attorney general pam bondy. we will have juanita broderick and kathleen willey. the clintons had a 30-year pass from all democrats about this issue. now they are trying to like grab the high ground. now that the clintons aren't in power potentially in power, now they can speak out.t. but these women were smeared and slandered and besmirched
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and attacked in unprecedented ways. >> yeah. i mean, sean, remember the clinton saying hey drag a dollar bill through a trailer park and look what you get. what a bunch of disgusting pigs talking about women like that. and, listen, i heard that pelosi clip before you brought me on here. i mean, if you saw me rolling my eyes, zero tolerance? zero tolerance for who? apparently not for democrats. it's a never ending sea of tolerance for democrats. we got al franken and john conyers. these are credible allegations. this is what frustrates the heck out of me out of democrats what's the standard for republicans, allegations are made, just allegations. o you are supposed to immediately resign if you are a republican. if you are a democrat not just credible allegations allegations made on the record by people and not only that they back these people up and they get theme reelected. it's a joke. >> i'm the one that says i believe like pam says in the last segment the
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presumption of innocence. you don't rush to judgment. why i was right in ferguson, in baltimore. freddie gray and the duke lacrosse case. i have argued with my friend darryl here a long time about the zimmerman case. you know, we were right about trump, too. and the media rushes to r judgment. darryl parks. but this is 30 years of defending the indefensible. bill clinton was a predator. period, end of sentence. and most democrats, for all that time, defended him. >> we're in a different point now though, sean. >> sean: forget about theif different point. how do they justify 30 years of defending the indefensible? >> well, i don't think they are trying to justify it they are trying to move forward. t the women coming out now are the ones we need to focus on. >> sean: day late and a dollar short, darryl. >> well, here's the deal though. the folks like john conyers have the right to have their matter adjudicated. >> sean: i agree with you. he denied it.
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i wasn't there but, it should be investigated fully. all right, >> that's right. >> and darryl and i have been friends for many years. we are still good friends. here is the difference, darryl and i'm going to talk about nancy pelosi for a moment about some moral bankruptcy here. when you have a woman, the leader of the democratic party, a feminist coming out saying on meet the press that conyers is an icon and when asked about the women if she believed them shebo said i don't know these women. how is this going to encourage women to come out when a woman leader is saying things like that? there have to be consequences for your actions. we all know that.. she needs to support these women. >> sean: dan? >> and, darryl, i appreciate the point he is making but is he wrong. he is saying in one respect we agree. everybody agrees these things should be adjudicated. secondly, move on?od darryl, i'm sorry. these women, bill clinton admitted to this in the lewenski case do. they ever get to move on? we don't just move on
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without taking into account the impact of these women's lives the tramaine that happened to elm. this i'm sorry, i don't think move on is the appropriate term here. we are talking about people who have been victim of political people and their assaults on them. >> sean: darryl? >> dan, this moment is not about bill clinton. this moment is about thesen: women coming forward and us hearing what they have to say and giving them the respect they are due. >> it is about billl clinton. >> sean: let me just say something i have that and kathleen on in thee next segment. i actually went at the time and interviewed them. they were not only just not ignored, they were smeared. they were -- it was a systematic war machine to destroy them, darryl. and that went on up until and including through the last election. >> well, sean, i think the moment we are looking at here, though, this moment is a lot different.nt the moment that we are having. >> sean: this is last year. darryl, that's not fine with me. this was last year. they were defending.g. they were smearing. they were attacking those women.
10:31 pm
now, everyone is saying oh, hillary said women have a right to be believed. and i'm like she was in the heart of destroying some of these people. >> they have the right to be believed. also the accusations have a right to be adjudicated in the right venues. >> sean: we kind of admitted a lot. he admitted jennifer flowers finally told out truth. first person jennifer flowers. she had tapes and the media still defended bill. last word. pam bondi? >> well, sean, i think and i think all of us, all of you gentlemen, i need to, every woman who comes forward we need to stand next to them. i'm so proud of the members of the black caucus who have come out and said conyers needs to go. that's what we need to do. we need to stick by these women. give the men a right to defend themselves, absolutely. but someone needs to stand with these women. >> sean: why do you say he has to go? >> rose mcgowan. two words. rose mcgowan in hollywood
10:32 pm
who started all of this. >> sean: okay. >> he responded. >> sean: dan, i will give you the last word. i want to you respond to that. >> it's about a common set of standards.. when darryl says it isn't about bill clinton i disagree. it is about bill clinton and a set of standards. we have to protect women from these predators.di we didn't do it for clinton and it is about clintonhe that's why it is about him. >> sean: apropos and applicable. went to senator al franken's office to hold him accountable for what he did. we will get the video and exclusive details of what happened. also top democrat jamess clyburn making stunning comments defending john conyers over sexual allegations. i have an announcement and i need your help. that's later in the show. ♪
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♪ >> sean: in other news tonight democratic congressmen james clyburn coming under fire for reportedly making shocking comments about john conyers accusers. we go to ed henry who is outside the white house tonight with the very latest. this is beyond shocking. go ahead. >> really remarkable comments tonight, sean. it's interesting because democrats were pretty excited when they had republicans on defense over the roy moore allegations now it may be boomeranging because of the allegations against john conyers and other democrats. specifically, our own martha maccallum tonight had a
10:37 pm
compelling interview with a new accuser against democrat john conyers. he has already stepped down as top democrat on judiciary panel because of allegations of sexual harassment. now the state newspaper in columbia, south carolina reporting on new video of a very prominent democrat leader in congress james clyburn walking to the elevator with the chair of the congressional black caucus. they asked why hasn't conyers resigned unlike other powerful men who have been fired like matt lauer, harvey weinstein clyburn said "who elected them" as if there was a different standard for member of congress. draper of the "new york times" magazine quoted also this morning at this caucus. clyburn compared conyers choosers susan mitt who initially claimed a black man had abducted her kids. these are all white women who have made these charges against conyers. a democratic aide is fox tonight clyburn did not make
10:38 pm
that to the murder case. this is inaccurate in many regards. that discussion had nothing to do with conyers. but interesting, they are not shooting down the fact that clyburn suggests lawmakers maybe should be treated differently. that's coming just days after the top house democratic leader nancy pelosi got in to hot water for calling conyers an icon and raising doubts about his accusers. she has since back pedaled on that under fire as new accusers come forward. >> you believe john conyers accusers. >> i don't know who they're. do you. they have not come forward. >> you don't know if you believe the accusations? >> that's for the ethics committee to review. >> with the assault and it was violent, in my mind, no, it wasn't rape. but, for some guy to grab you, who was a staff, one of his top staffers, for him to
10:39 pm
grab you and force you against the wall and stuck his tongue down my throat at my age i was 61 at the time. that was devastating. i can't tell you how ashamed i felt. >> there are reports tonight that conyers will retire from the house at the end of 2018. he has not yet confirmed that. but, interesting, he has refused repeatedly sean to resign from congress. >> sean: ed henry in washington outside the white house tonight. thank you. and as we have been reporting sexual harassment allegations continue to plague senator al franken. today morgan decided to confront senator grope herself who she accused of assaulting her 17 years ago. she brought with her two women who accused biclinton of sexual misconduct grabbing and rape. kathleen willey and broderick. not surprisingly al franken could not see him.
10:40 pm
>> you can tell al franken hello from morgan. he might not remember me. i remember him. very clearly. 17 years later. >> sean: we did reach out to franken's office for a statement. we haven't heard back. joining us now from the media organizer morgan and two women who have accused bill clinton of sexual misconduct. let me start with you, i remember when i interviewed you, first, lisa myers interviewed you first. i interviewed you second. and i took the time to interview all those women at the time. jennifer flowers has been vindicated now. he saw his conduct with monica lewenski. a lot of lying went on. and i remember lisa myers said something. she called you and said the problem is you are too credible. i want you to explain the story and, what the clinton machine did to you. >> you know, sean, that was probably one of the hardest
10:41 pm
times of my life. i had absolutely spilled out my heart and soul in that interview. i had finally decided to do it with lisa myers. and nbc. and it was supposed to have been broadcast two weeks after they filmed it. and it was about two weeks later and lisa called and she said well, they are still doing more investigating. mr. lack wants to have more investigating done. and it was disappointing to me because i had just been gone through the ringer. okay. she said well, there is a problem. there is good news and there is bad news. and i said yes? she said the good news is you're credible. and i said what's the bad news? she said you are very credible. how do you take something like that? of course it went on for another five weeks before they showed it. and showed it opposite the
10:42 pm
grammies on a friday night, i believe. >> sean: let's talk about what was said, the attacks that were made against you. by clinton supporters. >> oh, yeah. that i was lying. that i had lied in my affidavit. that i was having an affair with another man, which was true. but my first marriage was over. they just hunted for anything that they could to try to bring me down. of course i lied in my affidavit. i was scared to death of the clinton machine. >> sean: 30 years later. we have had 30 years of so many women that have gone through. kathleen you were one of them. you went to the white house. had you known clinton. you were a volunteer. and your story is he groped, grabbed, fondled, touched, kissed you against your will. >> yes he did. yes, he did. >> sean: what did the clinton machine do to you? >> they put me through two years of holy terror.
10:43 pm
they followed me. they terrorized me. there were people sneaking around my house at 2:00 in the morning. they killed two of my pets. they threatened my children two days before my deposition in the paula jones case. they told me i wasn't getting the message. they knew where my children lived and that everybody better be careful. i lived in fear and terror for two years. i still look over my shoulder. >> sean: melanie, i want to ask you we saw the picture of franken and leann tweeden asleep. franken is nuts here at the fox news studios unhinged is the only way can i describe him. you had that experience. you confronted him. i want you to address the 30 years, what happened today and the 30 years of clinton and defenders and democrats threading every needle including last year's election and the position
10:44 pm
they're taking. >> i have had the opportunity to spent the last 24 hours with three of the bravest women i have ever met in my entire life kathleen willey, juanita broderick and leslie. i consider it an honor to be able to invite them to washington and they joined me on capitol hill where we confronted at least the staffers of senator al franken who was cowering behind the door of his office because he refused to meet us. all these years later, it is so important. 30 years later it is so important to revisit history if we are going to learn for our future generations off you are daughters and of our sons, of our grandchildren. if we don't learn from bill clinton and what he did to these poor women, and the exercise of power and abuse of these women, how are we going to teach our sons how to behave appropriately? that's why i'm calling out franken. >> sean: all of a sudden democrats after the election last year the day of reckoning for the clintons has come. a little late and
10:45 pm
politically expedient because she is not running. >> no. and you know what? i want to say that congressman conyers, captain underpants as i refer to him and al franken groper, they need to go. >> that's what we have to say to all of america. i would like to ask all of your listens, if i could, sean, to put pressure on the majority leader in both houses of congress to ask these two men to resign. they are clinging to power. i understand that conyers has left the district of columbia. he has flown back on coach, by the way, to michigan to his home state. but al franken seems to think if he just waits this storm out that it will all pass. but we haven't forgotten. i will not forget kathleen won't forget. all of these women. we have to stop sexual harassment now and we have to hold all people in congress accountable for their power. >> sean: stop using our money to pay off their deals with people. >> their hush fund. >> sean: last question
10:46 pm
juanita and kathleen. it's 30 years of you basically have been abused and not believed. now liberals have changed their tune. what message do you have for them, juanita, and then kathleen? >> you know, the message that i have is it's a little late. i would liked to have had that belief 30 years ago. i don't believe we would be getting it now if the clintons weren't on their way down. it's hard to believe that they truly mean what they're saying. >> sean: well said. kathleen? >> i believe the same thing that juanita does a little too late. and i think their apologies that we have heard so far are empty apologies. the only reason that they made them is because they were caught. and like melanie said, i hope that everyone in this country will call their congressman and their senators and demand to know the names of the people on
10:47 pm
the list that our $17 million paid for their sexual harassment cases and remind them. >> sean: let it come out of their pocket. i agree with you. >> right. >> sean: let them pay. >> we pay them and they owe us answers. >> sean: absolutely. all right. i know it's hard for you guys to go back to this. we really appreciate you being with us. thank you all. >> thank you so much, sean. >> thanks, sean. >> sean: when we come back, fake news, liberal cnn, the biggest bunch of cry babies i have ever met. i will explain. sean spicer weighs in and i need your help with an important issue straight ahead. ♪
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♪ >> sean: cry babies over at cnn boycotting the christmas party. sara sanders says christmas
10:51 pm
comes early christmas finally comes early to cnn. boss added great we should boycott fake news cnn dealing with them is a total waste of time. can't blame the president and with coverage like this, for example. >> i have a whole lot to say. with this president's increasing erratic behavior the last week or so. >> we have archie bunker in chief who is disrespectingng american indians and making classless jokes from the podium. >> you think you have had an earful of donald trump, check out what's in the ear of the beagle in britain named chief, brace yourself. >> is this president trying to impersonate hugo chavez. vladimir putin. >> the president gets two scoops. everyone else around the table gets one. no word if there were sprinkles. >> at the dessert. >> sean: we can go on. especially humpty dumpty could be a full hour. unkind words for the members of the media.
10:52 pm
you remember obama didn't particularly like me. >> in 2012 latinos voted in record numbers. the next day even sean hannity changed his mind and decided immigration reform was a good idea. >> rudy giuliani said putin is what you call a leader. mike huckabee and sean hannity keep talking about his bare chest. which is kind of weird.ut >> with respect to sean hannity, i didn't know that he had invited me for a beer.. his opinion of me does not i seem to be very high, but i'm always good for a beer. i will put mr. burgess up against sean hannity. he will tear him up. >> sean: threaten of violence. i was never invited to a white house christmas party during the obama administration. not that i would havee gone. here with reaction former white house press secretary seanra spicer. really cnn? really? your reaction.
10:53 pm
>> well, look, i think itur was very gracious for the president and the first lady to open up the white house, the people's house to so many people the armed services, members and guests and folks of this christmase season to see the people's house. first lady and her team did a marvelous job decorating it the video is out there for all to see. what i think is interesting, sean, and for those who don't understand, traditionally in the last several years from what i understand, invitations were given to bureaus. and they were allowed to invite x number of people to the white house christmas party. a lot of times those were distributed to television and media executives and on air talent. what the white house did this year was really go through aan arduous process of trying to make sure that the people who worked in the white house media corps, the technicians, the sound people, the lighting individuals, the people who go to the white house day in and day out to work on behalf of these media organizations without the glamour and glitz of being an executive or on air talent got invited and got
10:54 pm
to bring a spouse or a partner or a son or a and what cnn's decision toor do make sure that these individuals, who really probably look forward to going can't go anymore. you have an organization like politico that's out there surveying people on whether or not they will take a picture with the president. yet, some of that same organization has reporters asking the white house if they can get invited or bring a guest and so it is these media types, cnn and politico that are doing a disservice to the gracious act that the president and the first lady have offered so many ofnd these individuals. not just the on air talent and the executives. those technicians that work hard and labor on behalf of those organizations to getos the news and the broadcast out. >> sean: i don't know how you put up with their crap for all the time that you were press secretary to be honest. you have the patience of job. i remember one year i said was i invited and they laughed. and they said no. you weren't invited.
10:55 pm
i didn't take it personally by the way. i used to joke about it. >> well, again, i think thatay it's always, you know, the way that people are viewing this now is very myopically. it's always through the lens of trump not through the context of what happened during the obama years. t again, i will go back to the fact that this white house under president trump and first lady melania trump have reached out and graciously tried to make the white house the people's house. >> sean: that's great. >> but something that these people can come and share with their family and friends. so many of these individuals really do work hard behind a the scenes. >> sean: i have to run. >> they get to bring them for the first time and it's a shame they won't be able to participate. >> sean: thank you, sean.. >> you bet. >> sean: i need your help. i have a huge decision, an announcement next.
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♪ >> sean: christmas just around the corner unlike many americans, i am busy deciding which photos to use on my annual christmas card which i really don't send out. i'm making pretend here and i need your help. kind of like fake news. should i use this photo of me, that's me in the high chair there as a baby,ha the man on the left-hand corner in the background my grandfather. my sisters are in the photo or i was thinking maybe this gem from the "new york times," the middle one is the actual cover of the "new york times" on a magazine. that's maybe one much my best pictures ever. so, which one of those photos should i send out? you decide at sean hannity at twitter.
11:00 pm and i will actually make a real christmas card this year. let us know. remember, we are always fair and no balanced. we're not the destroy trump media. unfortunately that's all the time we have left. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is right there. you can vote. i don't want the audienceou being influenced by your vote. don't go with laura because of whatever she says because it's not going to be good. i feel it coming. >> laura: there is a scintillating segment first of all let me say. number one. segment first of all let me say. number one. number two, this is the second night in the row where you have shared baby photos with us. this is shameless. >> sean: tomorrow night you bring yours. >> laura: look what a cutie pie i was. look at me riding my little lamb with the wheels on it. that is so shameless. >> sean: i want photos of laura ingraham as baby tomorrow night at this time. >> laura: no problem. i vote for you looking really scary and mean because that's the fun hannity. that's what i want. >> sean: i can't even duplicate that


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